Dulux Avista Concrete Sealers & Coatings

Transform your concrete surfaces with Dulux Avista's stunning epoxy flooring, concrete sealers, and epoxy floor coating products. Dulux Avista’s range of decorative concrete products can add colour, texture and patterns to the concrete surfaces around your home or commercial space.

Dulux Avista’s products are designed for both residential and commercial projects and include oxides for colouring new concrete, exterior resurfacing products, internal flooring epoxy products, concrete sealers as well as stamped impression and stencil pattern applications.


Dulux  Avista Interior Products

Dulux Avista’s flooring products provide a hard-wearing, seamless surface which gives great strength and durability with fantastic design flexibility. You can create floors to suit your every need – from that cutting edge feature floor, to unique treatments for kitchens, entertainment areas, laundries, rumpus rooms and garages.

Waterbased epoxy flooring provides a durable, protective solid colour coating for your internal concrete floor. Dulux Avista’s waterbased epoxy system is low-odour, quick-drying and provides a hard-wearing, low-sheen finish which can be tinted to a range of practical colours.

Dulux Avista’s waterbased epoxy products are ideal for your garage floor or rumpus room and can also be used for light commercial floors.

Epoxy Stippled Stone look

For an alternative to a solid floor colour or decorative flake flooring, try Dulux Avista’s Waterbased Epoxy Stippled Stone look. This can be achieved using the tinted Waterbased Epoxy for the base, and also for the stippled effect, which is applied by a professional applicator using a hopper gun

Decorative flake flooring

Create your own designer look with a hard wearing epoxy floor coating incorporating Dulux Avista decorative flakes. A decorative flake floor provides a great alternative to other types of floor coatings and allows you to create your own look. It is a durable seamless finish for internal concrete floors and can be used for both domestic and commercial applications

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Dulux  Avista External Sealers

Existing surface

If you have an existing concrete space which needs rejuvenating, concrete resurfacing is a flexible and cost effective option, with a range of colours and finishes to choose from. Resurfacing is ideal for restoring tired looking concrete areas, driveways and paths, or complementing your new space with a fresh, contemporary look.

If you are after a quick refresh of your concrete surface, this can also be done using Dulux Avista’s range of External Sealers which are designed to help protect the concrete surface while giving it a new lease of life.

New surface

Your options are endless with new concrete. Decorative concrete can assume any shape, design, texture and pattern. With new concrete, you are starting from a clean slate and have a wide range of options to create the perfect finish for your home.

Transform your existing concrete surfaces to a designer finish. With concrete resurfacing you can add colour, patterns and detailed designs to your existing concrete surfaces. It is ideal for rejuvenating your driveway, outdoor entertaining areas, steps, paths and patios. There is a huge variety of colour combinations and patterns available.

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